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The Surprising Benefits of Sleeping naked

Have you always thought it awkward sleeping without clothes? Not only is sleeping naked fine, but it carries with it so many proven health benefits.

Good quality sleep contributes greatly to your overall wellbeing and comfort.

More than half the people embrace nature this way and enjoy the good it has to offer. This article will highlight the benefits of sleeping nude. You might consider trying it out today.

Why is it bad for you to sleep with clothes?

For women, sleeping with tight underwear can lead to heat and moisture trapping in the genital area which can allow yeast to grow causing infections.

Tight bras can cause skin irritation from the friction and may restrict blood circulation.

For men, tight underwear interferes with circulation to their genitals. It generates heat which is harmful to the sperms and this has been implicated in causing male factor infertility.

Sleeping with clothes might come off as uncomfortable to some people. Comfort promotes good sleep.

Sleep Aid Supplements,Best Herbal Sleep Aid,Natural Melatonin Supplements,Best Supplements For Sleep, Natural Sleep Aid Products, Deep sleep, faster sleep

Benefits of sleeping nude

Enhancing better quality sleep

Sleeping naked increases surface area of the body that is left to interact with the atmosphere. It allows your body temperature to cool faster even without altering your room temperature.

Naturally, your body temperature reduces as you prepare to sleep and this helps you to fall asleep faster. By speeding up the cooling process through embracing your birth suit, you are bound to fall asleep faster.

It further minimises arousal from sleep in the entirety of the night and as a bonus, improves your memory and overall functioning.


It enhances Confidence and Self Esteem

Sleeping naked allows you to appreciate your body more and drives your self-esteem & self love for your body to the top hence leading  to a more positive body image. Confident people are mostly conquerors, they have courage to take on more challenging tasks and when compared to their less confident counterparts, they live happier lives. This makes one more proud of him or herself as they see their Garden of Eden image throughout the whole night. It is amplified the more if they are married as they are more confident in front of their partners.

Promotion of a healthy skin

This comes as a result of better-quality sleep that you enjoy from this life-style habit. Getting enough sleep helps your skin to recover quicker and stay healthy.

It causes a decrease in levels of cortisol (a stress hormone), found to inhibit production and increase breakdown of collagen and elastin which are important for promoting youthfulness of your skin. 

Cortisol stimulates sebaceous glands to create more oil closing your skin pores hence causing breakouts.

While you sleep, your skin’s cell turnover is increased hence the its ability to renew.

Reduction of stress and anxiety

Any one knows that stress is a danger. It can affect all body organs with no regard. As seen earlier, sleeping naked allows your core body temperature to cool, giving you better quality sleep.

Good sleep has been found to effectively decrease cortisol levels which correlates to your body’s stress levels. Which is why you should fight to optimize your sleep quality no matter the circumstances you stand in.

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Promoting health through weight loss

A good body weight is associated with good health, particularly of the vital body organs such as the heart.  Researchers have found that keeping a cool body temperature while sleeping speeds up your body’s metabolism.

When you’re cold, the body produces brown fat to keep you warm. It is this brown fat that further boosts your metabolism with consequent weight loss from the calories burnt.

Immune boosting effects

Sleep is essential for immune system functioning. Reducing sleep duration to 4 hours or less in one night reduces number of immune cells particularly natural killer cells which have anti-tumour properties.

Sleep deprivation leads to generation of inflammatory cytokines which are associated with development of metabolic and cardiovascular disorders. It also increases risk of infection with poor disease outcomes.

Enhanced feelings of intimacy

Skin to skin contact causes release of oxytocin (“the love hormone”) which generally lowers your stress levels while strengthening your bond as a couple. Therefore, sleeping naked with your partner is a sure way of increasing the skin-to-skin contact.

Couples that sleep naked together have more sex than their clothed counterparts and also have happier relationships.

Improving male fertility

Allowing your testes to keep cool is good for improving the sperm count and concentration which might be affected by excess warmth generated from underwear, particularly the more tight-fitting ones.

A study carried out among men with male factor infertility found that scrotal temperatures have an impact on sperm quality.  Scrotal cooling promotes sperm health. 

Promotes vaginal health

Yeast infection especially with candida species is favoured by presence of a warm and moist genital area that is contributed by tight or non-breathable fabric for underwear.

 This can be prevented by wearing cotton underwear during the day since it can absorb moisture.

Sleeping naked is an efficient way to keep away heat and moisture from your vaginal area so as to prevent yeast infections and the discomfort they bring.


Less Laundry, More Convenience:

Let's be practical here for a moment. Sleeping au naturel means less laundry as there will be no need to wash the night dresses, boxers, pyjamas or any other sleepwear regularly hence making it a time-saving and eco-friendly choice that can simplify your bedtime routine.

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