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Sleep Talking: Unveiling the Mysterious World of Nocturnal Chatter

Have you been told that you're a sleep talker or have you been in the company of a sleep talker? Well, the nocturnal chatter is funny and mostly embarrassing especially that you don't comprehend the words you utter. It is more like speaking in your unconscious state. You probably don't want to be heard speaking in such a state! Now that is the condition of sleep talking. Whether you are the sleep talker or your partner is, it is a condition that requires to be solved. 

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As a sleep talker or if you have a partner that sleep talks, you must have wondered  once or twice what causes sleep talking. In this article, we shall talk about what sleep talking is, what causes it and how to manage it according to views and suggestions from sleep experts. 

What is sleep talking? 

Sleep talking is a sleep disorder that is characterised by verbal utterances without the awareness of an individual. The utterances might be mumbles, laughter, a sentence, shouting or growling. A study about sleep talking explains that the behaviour is the most common nocturnal behaviour in the entire population. In Fact 66% of the people in the world have experienced sleep talking at least once in their lifetime. 

In children, sleep talking is commonly associated with over playing during the day because most of the utterances made are related to the day's experience. In adults however , sleep talking has been associated with stress, anxiety, genetics and sleep deprivation. 

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What exactly causes sleep talking? 

Sleep disorders or sleep deprivation 

If you are experiencing sleep talking, try looking at your sleep pattern, how many hours of sleep you get and the quality of sleep you get. Sleep experts confirm that poor quality of sleep, few hours of sleep and or sleep disorders like apnea are associated with sleep talking. 

Stress and anxiety 

Stress! As usual, moves along with sleep disorders. A study conducted showed that stress and anxiety have direct effects on sleep talking. This is attributed to the increased brain activity that occurs when one is stressed. When brain activity increases, the likelihood of triggered verbal expressions during sleep increases which result into sleep talking. We all ought to manage stress! 


Experts say that the disorder of sleep talking or nocturnal utterances runs in families and is genetical. Infact, it has been shown that for twin babies, if one of the twins sleep talks, it is very likely the other twin does the same. This is how much DNA or genetics has an effect on sleep talking. 

Despite the fact that there's not much you can do about your genes, managing the alterable causatives of sleep talking is very key in managing the disorder. Lifestyle practices, stress and anxiety management as well as improving sleep quality are ideal factors to look at inorder to end sleep talking.


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Managing sleep talking

Sleep talking is a sleep disorder but not a disease. It usually does not require treatment unless it disrupts sleep or is accompanied by other sleep disorders. We have organised a list of expert vetted methods to help you manage sleep talking on your own; 


1.Address the main causes of sleep talking

The first and main step in managing sleep talking is understanding why you or your partner sleep talks and addressing this cause. As earlier mentioned, stress, genetics and sleep patterns are implicated in sleep talking. Looking at each of these and pointing out a particular cause of your sleep talks will help you plan a protocol to manage sleep talking. 


2. Supplement your body with the best stress and sleep aid components

The body is like a system or a natural machine that uses different components to accomplish different tasks. Usually , when the body is deprived of such components, particular functions are derailed. Experts recommend supplementing the body with melatonin to aid deep and faster sleep. 

Melatonin is a hormone that is produced by the pineal gland in the middle brain. The hormone functions with the rhythms of the sun, goes higher as the sun sets and lower as the sun rises. 

Melatonin can be obtained from a number of fruits; tart cherries, tomatoes and mushrooms are among the fruits with high concentrations of this unique hormone. However, with the inconsistencies in the modern diet, not enough melatonin may be obtained from only diet. 

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Experts therefore recommend the use of natural melatonin supplements in addition to the diet to replenish the body's sleep mechanism and help you fall asleep faster and deeper. 

Supplements are natural products, usually herbal, non addictive and designed to improve body vitality. They are just like eating a particular food in the rightful concentrations needed to run your body processes. 

3. Consult a clinical psychologist

Sleep experts recommend that you consult a clinical psychologist if sleep talking is associated with other sleep disorders, mental health disorders or disruptive sleeping. Your Doctor will in this instance be able to differentiate if it is actually sleep talking or another issue you might be dealing with. 

The take away 

Although sleep talking might be making your nights out of home, or with your loved ones uncomfortable, know that it doesn't have to. By making a few lifestyle adjustments, managing stress and ensuring you get a goodnight sleep, you can anticipate positive change in your nights. Remember to check with your Doctor if sleep talking is associated with other mental or sleep disorders. Sleep well.


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